Monday, October 06, 2014

MotoSupport Mail Chain

Motorola Support Forums

2:10 PM (2 hours ago)
to me
As the reason why the order was cancelled, probable causes based on my research rely over the same protocols already addressed in Brittany's email  "Our online ordering system has an extremely high security check.  Our system will flag orders for many reasons; suspicious differences in billing/ shipping addresses, multiple identities associated with an order or information used to place an order, shipping to PO boxes or 3rd party freight forwarders, multiple orders in a short period of time, etc. Your order was flagged for differences between the billing and shipping addresses "

She also was able to confirm you used both, but not matching, US addresses and advised she'll be getting back to you today Monday 10/06- after her inquiries got an answer, so you can also expect an email with more information sometime today.


Memo B
Social Media - Customer Care
Motorola Mobility
On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 11:57 AM, Aneesh Dubey <> wrote:
Please go through the emails. 
I was only able to create one successful order. And I have amply clarified my position on the different shipping and billing addresses to your call center executives, and to anyone else who I emailed to. 
the successful order details are: 
Order details: 
Order Number: 00771318
Order Date: 27th Sept
Item Ordered: Moto X - Pure Edition with T-Mobile SIM

Receiver: Mr. Aneesh Dubey

Apart from this, I tried paying with my non-American credit card in which case no successful order was created. Hence there are no order numbers., 

Could you please explain why the order was cancelled. And if the order stands cancelled, despite my multiple explanations and calls, I would request you provide me details to reach out to your marketing and sales heads so that I can express consistently why this makes no sense and that I be compensated for the sheer amount of frustration, wasted time and blocked credit card balances. 
This is the zenith of incompetence and I shall not let it be unless motorola management acknowledges their faults. 

Aneesh Dubey

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 1:51 PM, Motorola Support Forums <> wrote:
This have been complicated enough now, and I'm in the best intention to help. I know you'd been expecting it for long now. Though I also have to be clear on the fact that I cannot bypass any requirement from the the sales dept as they are required by law to have both addresses verified for security purposes. At this time after verifying the system with the order details you provided I could now confirm that order has been cancelled. 
Based on your initial email I can also assume there are more than just one order#'s, so if you have any other please share it with me so I can have them checked out.


Memo B
Social Media - Customer Care
Motorola Mobility

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 11:39 AM, Aneesh Dubey <> wrote:
Hi Memo, 

I'm surprised to see that the support team is essentially lip service. Please go though the order details properly - the shipment IS to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I do not want it delivered outside the US, 
I do not understand why you guys are so intent on cancelling the order!! 


On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 1:34 PM, Motorola Support Forums <> wrote:
I know it seems complicated but it will be attempted, I'll try to see if it's possible to have the order cancelled since the shipment cannot occur outside the US.

Thanks for the information and I'll keep you posted

Memo B

Matt and Mark
Social Media - Customer Care
Motorola Mobility

On Fri, Oct 3, 2014 at 8:27 PM, Aneesh Dubey <> wrote:

Ideally, one should not be calling your customer care to ask about email addresses or phone numbers to escalate an issue; but that's the call I just got off from. And this is the email address I have. 
Consider this ordering situation I am in: 

1. Moto maker does not accept Non-American credit cards ( for an inexplicable reason in this global economy where I can pay a cabbie through my international card) 

2. But this inability to order does not prevent motorola payment gateway to block the credit on my card ( a hold they call it, which for my card lasts 21 days, that means frozen credit, happened 4 times, so that's $2000 on frozen credit I cannot access for the rest of the month)

3. I get a friend, with an American Credit card to order the phone and Motorola puts the order on hold: Reason - billing and shipping address do not match!! Doesn't your sales team consider gifting as a potential sales channel? 

4. But apparently your departments don't talk well to each other, so while Payment department puts the order on hold, the fulfillment gets a cancellation request. There is a difference between Hold and Cancel? To top it, the fulfillment sends out an email stating inability to cancel the order to me! Asking me to love the device I will get. 
So now, I have an email that says my order is on hold, another email that says it is cancelled but cannot be cancelled and the poor call center assistant is unable to figure how to respond. 

This process has been on for the last one week, with numerous chats and calls, and now, I am not even sure if the order still exists, or not, or the answer is blowing in the wind. 
While I tried to cancel the order, I am required to provide the Credit Card details : again, it was my friend who brought the phone for I do not have his personal details. 

Here's the summary: Can't order the phone from my Indian card, friend orders it for me but I can't get it, the order is cancelled and not cancelled, I cannot cancel the order on the phone as they require details I do not have and I still do not have the new phone I had been waiting over 3 months for. 
Not getting the phone is not as big on my trouble list now as is the fact that there is a $531 charge on my friends card; and I do not want him to go through trouble for the refund. 

I know it is a long email, but am i getting through to you? This, while seemingly is a exceptional situation, but this one use case clearly identified a bunch of places where your sales process is completely broken. While you might have patted your backs on the swanky phone and the fancy 'moto-maker'; if a desiring customer has to go through this kind of trouble to get hold of the phone, I'm sure this doesn't bode well with you. 

You know what, I still want the phone, so here are the order details and inline are the emails I received through the course of my order. Do something so that i get my phone, and one might still claim redemption. 

Order details: 
Order Number: 00771318
Order Date: 27th Sept
Item Ordered: Moto X - Pure Edition with T-Mobile SIM

Receiver: Mr. Aneesh Dubey


 Discussion Thread
 Response Via Email (Jose)09/30/2014 06:58 PM

We received your cancellation request. Unfortunately, this will not be possible at the moment since it has already being built. We are sure you're going to love the product once it gets to you! However, if you're still set on getting your money back, call us back to request a Return For Credit. Our number is 1-800-734-5870.


Motorola Mobility
Ecommerce Department


I did not save my chat transcripts, but in hindsight I should have, they were interestingly inconclusive. 
Call me if you need to chat about my troubles with your company. 

Aneesh Dubey

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Early morning

The smell in the air
urges you to hug it
and the inky blue of the sky fades
having spent itself
writing out another day.
The feathered minions 
chirp out a chorus
as the heavenly tent changes hue
goes gold
and then it hits you, in all its flair
the intensity of the magician's voice

'Let there be light'

Thursday, June 10, 2010

F1 and ManU - A quest to understand fandom

For the thousandth time – “I know that the world cup starts today, thank you very much”. But people do not listen, I get reminders, and group invitations and event notifications, I am tagged in football fan photos and asked often “Which team are you supporting?” 
Sitting down to figure out the answer, a bigger question appears ‘why do I need to support a team?’  I am unable to figure how my support will make any difference to the team, or even to the person who posed the question. Football isn’t even a game my country plays, but that’s not the point here. I am more surprised by the set  of avid fans I keep running into; reason - the fandom is composed of everything but the game – ‘official’ jerseys, posters, vehicle graphics, team themed pubs they like to hang out at and what not. Smells like a capitalist conspiracy, doesn’t it? I am convinced of the fact that had baseball found a similar marketing, the same people would have been donning ‘Bulls’ jerseys and be fluent with the home run counts of all players.  So, a majority of the ‘fandom’ is caused by the associated pop culture than an actual desire to enjoy the game. It lacks substance. 
I do not abhor sports; on the contrary I really enjoy sitting down and watching a game. Sports are probably the best non-destructive exhibition of human ability and competitiveness, and an unsaid undercurrent of harmony when it comes to international competitions.  It is recreational and it is entertaining.  But to like a game because being 24 and ‘aware’ mandates you to do so is a different thing. 
“Dude, just check out the crowds in the stadium- sexy”
Watching a game with a crowd is fun, but being all goggle eyed about a crowd 5000 miles away moves towards perversion in my books. And if I dare to quiz the fan in question about a rule of the game, I get crazy answers – crazy enough for the officials at FIFA to contemplate suicide.  I am not questioning the knowledge of these people; I just want to figure out what is it that makes them all wet and orgasmic about their team, and as I said, it is never ever the game. 
‘Why, do you like Man – U?’ I asked, and the guy said ‘Do you question you religion?’ I wanted to ask ‘did you read it up on their website?’  I contained myself and said ‘I do’. He threw me a dirty look and replied, ‘Well, I don’t’ and that was the end of the conversation. I’ve had this conversation with a lot of people, I do sometimes get facts like ‘they just made this friggin’ deal for that amazing player’ or ‘have you seen the size of the home stadium’ or ‘they’ve won the EPL and the Champs league and the donkey derby’. And I throw a mock appreciative ‘wow!’, but I never get a proper answer. All these people are buying, and various marketers are selling and I’m sure that the fans are being short-changed. But they’re happy, and so the system works just fine.

You decide on a team, Google their stats, watch a video or two, memorize the names of the players, get yourself a jersey and ensure your face book update intermittently advertises your support- there you are, a full blown fan. You can support Argentina without knowing its location on the map, but you should definitely know the pool they are in. 
It makes me sad, rather than irritated. You like a sport to be liked by your peers? That is a lot of constructive energy wasted, a fake competition and pseudo awareness – you’re sold.  It beats the primary concept of sports. 
Coming back to the original question – who do I support? Well, I do like watching football, and definitely would watch the matches.  I might even take sides in a match, but I’m not losing sleep over it, and definitely not spamming online lives of my friends. I would support football and enjoy it. 
Stop making a fool of yourself and enjoy the game.  For a change, look up the rules of the game; makes it more interesting to watch.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Raajneeti - the review.

It has been a long time since I’ve seen a movie that told me things I already knew and still left me considerably shaken.
Being Indian, we aren’t novices to the political circus; the subterfuges and the backstabbing are common headlines to which we hardly pay any attention these days. And I think this lack of attention is what Prakash Jha wants to change with Raajneeti.
Raajneeti takes you to the halls of power.  Not to the viewing gallery, no for the writer knows that’s where we’ve all been. He puts you bang in the middle of it - a very powerful political family where the seeds of a feud are starting to germinate. From there on, plays the saga of a modern Mahabharata. Brothers go to war with each other, conniving uncles rub their hands in glee, the females let their inner vixens out, bastard children refuse to identify their mothers, the streets run red, and money sets out to buy every virtue that is not for sale.  As an intricate game of chess unfolds, the audience discover the forethought of the opening game. And just so that you dare not say that there’s nothing new to the story, Mr Jha keeps hitting you again and again, harder every time, stripping the same characters turning them more vicious than you dared to imagine, sticking them on you face with a “now see this” tone.
And if the story wasn’t good enough for you, the starcast leaves you stuck to the seats right till the last of the credits have rolled out. Ranbir Kapoor has done justice to his family name and has proven once again that it’s not just a nice face that makes you an actor. Manoj Bajpai as always is a pleasure to watch and Ajay Devgan cast in a role that is his by right makes the screen explode with anger. Katrina Kaif shows signs of life in her face and actually manages to move those muscles. She has silenced those who thought that she would be the one who’d sink the movie; the movie can actually be called her best so far. Nana Patekar cannot be praised enough, he slips into the role so naturally that you actually have to remind yourself that he is acting. Arjun Rampal has made a surprising comeback, and if we are to go by this performance, he might actually manage to stay around this time.  But what made the movie a treat to watch was the way the small roles were handled – accomplished actors summing up all their skills for very brief but important appearances on screen.  This is just a fraction of the sense of detail that Mr Jha has, from the party symbols to the mass rallies, things were beautifully planned and executed.
The best part is that this is not an agenda movie, poking you to get out on the streets and change the world, it does not address the youth nor does it question your moral sensibilities.  There are many beautiful facets to the story, but I guess I’ll leave them for you to discover.
Go watch it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I want to take a big hunting knife,
the kind you see in action movies
And rip 'the fabric of reason'
to shreds.
It is this cursed veil,
that has hidden from me
the truth about myself
The 'logical' plan it bears,
has led me to a fool's treasure,
A potful of illusion called -reality.
I have been
by rationale
by hope
and betrayed
by life.
All I want now
is that Atlas,
with all his might
heave his weight one last time
and throw it away.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


You skirt around them,
you ignore them,
you pull disgusted faces,
you even poke fun at them,
of some notion planted in your head,
"hard work earns you money - not pity"
but as they say,
"what goes comes around"
and believe me
you'll be lost when she
does it to you,
turns her back at your
outstreched hands,
refusing you
the alms of life.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Putting it together

"It's easy", My mother says,
"These are the pieces,
here is the final picture,
right here, on the top of the box,
just match the slots,
the key is to find the corners.
Go on, finish the puzzle".

I turn away, ashamed.
How do I tell her, I've lost some tiles.